SGT Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
SGT-703 Introduction to Smart Grid
SGT-704 Discrete Mathematics & Optimization
SGT-705 Measurement and Signals Processing
SGT-706 Communication Technologies
SGT-710 Renewable & Distributed Generation
SGT-711 Advanced distribution & substation automation
SGT-712 Energy & distribution management systems
SGT-713 Demand response
SGT-714 Smart grid Road mapping and standards
SGT-715 Adaptive protection systems in smart grid
SGT-716 Condition Monitoring and Asset Management in Smart Grid
SGT-717 Microgrid and Virtual Power Plant
SGT-718 Smart Grid planning and Operation
SGT-719 Power Control in smart grid
SGT-720 Energy storage systems
SGT-721 Advanced power electronics applications
SGT-722 Electric vehicles Integration in smart grid
SGT-723 Simulation and Hardware Tools
SGT-724 Smart building & IoT
SGT-725 Advanced metering infrastructure
SGT-726 Cyber security and data privacy
SGT-727 ICT infrastructure in smart grid
SGT-728 Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis
SGT-729 Carbon capture and sequestration