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    Workshop on Impact of Smart Grid on Society
    WISG2019 - 26-29 April 2019 - Click Here

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    Workshop on Future Smart Grid Technologies
    WSGT2018 - 26-27 February 2018 - Click Here

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    Information Session
    Faculty of Engineering - Helwan University

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    Kick off Meeting - Aberdeen - UK
    21-23 February 2017

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Smart Grid Technology A Program Master

The three-year SGT-MAP aims at development of a master program in smart grid technology through the collaboration between a consortium consists of 4 Egyptian and 3 European partners of different fields; Electrical Power and Control Engineering, IT Engineering, communication Engineering. All the consortium partners contribute in developing and reviewing program 24 courses. Related smart grid laboratories are established at Egyptian universities to support the developed courses. Within the project period, a workshop will be organized after developing the teaching materials in order to discuss the future of smart grid and its influence on the proposed program courses contents and review the matching between contents, objective and outcomes before implementation. Moreover, another workshop on impact of smart grid will be held in Egypt in order to discuss the smart grid technology impacts and the feedback of the stakeholdersā€™ surveys.

Tender Announcement to buy RTDS

Aswan Faculty of Engineering is in need to buy the attached equipment through a limited tender according to the law number 89 for year 1998...

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Program Coordinator

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A university based master program capable of delivering modern and market relevant courses in smart grid by 2019.


Enhancing smart grid related knowledge and improving the skills of the teaching staff.


Strengthening the link and cooperation between universities, enterprises, and governmental authorities.


Awareness of smart grid benefits especially in sorting out the energy crisis.


Design and building laboratory experiments related to smart grid technologies.


Design and building laboratory experiments related to smart grid technologies.

SGT Partners